Guitar Effect Pedal

Zoom Gfx-5 Guitar Multi Effect Pedal Inbuilt Drum Machine & Looper G3xn G5 G5n

Zoom Gfx-5 Guitar Multi Effect Pedal Inbuilt Drum Machine & Looper G3xn G5 G5n

Zoom Gfx-5 Guitar Multi Effect Pedal Inbuilt Drum Machine & Looper G3xn G5 G5n    Zoom Gfx-5 Guitar Multi Effect Pedal Inbuilt Drum Machine & Looper G3xn G5 G5n
This listing is for a Zoom GFX-5 Multi Effects Pedal in Perfect Working Order. This Zoom GFX-5 is in Good cosmetic condition. 2 x Free Guitar Plectrums. REST ASSURED ALL ITEMS ARE TESTED & GUARANTEED. The GFX-5 lets you emulate the sound of legendary guitar amps and famous effect pedals with extraordinary accuracy.

From vintage combo to modern high-gain amp, you can experience them all. Add distortion, overdrive or fuzz, or mix and match to create your own sound. The cabinet simulation module even lets you get that miced-up cabinet sound you hear on classic recordings. The GFX-5 also has an acoustic simulator with three variations that will change your electric guitar in a great-sounding to an acoustic.

The DRIVE module is comprised of 11 modeling patterns, with three variations of each: Classic, Standard or Modern. The variation control allows you to create new sounds like "STANDARD - OVERDRIVE" or "CLASSIC - FUZZ". Using the drive knob, you can dial-in the sound you want instantly. Lets you directly control the GAIN parameter which determines distortion intensity.

The actual adjustable range varies according to the selected sound modeling type. Boosts the sound pressure to create a heavier sound with more powerful distortion. Great for churning out those power chord riffs. Adds punch and edge to the high frequencies. In combination with the TURBO key, you can get a seriously hard-hitting metal sound.

The innovative ENERGIZE effect boost mids and high frequencies while tightening the low end. You'll feel the energy coming out of your system. This is great for playing in a band, boosting your tone up and over even the loudest rhythm sections. Energize also lets you produce a robust bottom-end even with smaller, low-power guitar amps, and optimize your sound quickly and easily for different acoustic environments.

For standard delay types such as mono delay or ping-pong delay where the effect sound alternates between left and right, delay time can be set in musical note steps. For example, you can automatically get a dotted eighth note delay from the tap tempo beat. Vintage-style echo as well as hold delay max. 2 seconds for sound-on-sound effects and reverse play are also available. Up to 6 seconds of any input source can be captured internally. Record a guitar phrase, or audio from a CD player.

Record and play functions are controlled with the pedals. You can play back the recorded samples at half or quarter speed without altering the pitch, to help you learn a complex guitar parts. One-shot playback is a handy feature in a live performance, and loop playback lets you overlay lead solos as a backing riff.

The top panel of the GFX-5 features a logical and intuitive array of controls which allow efficient operation in real time. The 4-band equalizer has dedicated knobs for BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE, and PRESENCE. This gives an operation feel similar to that of a guitar amp. In manual mode, the DRIVE, MOD, and REV modules can be switched on and off with your foot, and the delay tempo can also be achieved with the pedals. LEDs integrated in the keys show the current status at a glance.

The module keys are also handy for selecting effects in edit mode, and the VALUE dial makes it a snap to change a setting. A wide array of effect combinations can be quickly programmed. As many as 61 effects can be controlled with the built-in expression pedal. Besides adjusting the Volume, Pedal-Wah, or Pedal-Pitch, the pedal can also be used to adjust distortion effect gain, modulation speed, reverb mix and other parameters.

The dedicated PEDAL ASSIGN key makes it easy to switch pedal functions on the fly, with the selected effect module being clearly shown by an indicator. Pushing the pedal fully down will switch the effect on and off. If you assign Pedal-Wah in the OFF mode, you can activate Wah in the middle of a performance without having to switch patches. The built-in drum machine features the same realistic PCM drum sounds made famous by the ZOOM RhythmTrak drum machines.

Basic 8- and 16-beat rhythms, various rock, pop and dance rhythms, and other genres are covered in the 60 pre-programmed beats. The speed/rate parameter of delay or modulation effects can be synchronized to the rhythm tempo. This is handy in practical use when rhythm synchronization is important. Tap tempo input for BPM is easy and intuitive, using the tap key on the pedal.

A combination of effects used together is called a "patch". With 60 factory preset patches, you have several industry standard amp sounds used by major guitarists right at your fingertips. Pedal function settings and ARRM settings are also stored as part of a patch. Factory presets can be edited and saved in the user memory. You can save up to 60 of your own patches. With 74 effect types available, you have a formidable arsenal with which to create your own sounds. They're arranged under eight major banks: Boost, Compressor, Drive, EQ, ZNR Noise Reduction, Cabinet Simulator, Modulation and Reverb.

Each module has several different options, and all can be mixed and matched for endless variations. The simple to use auto-chromatic guitar tuner is activated with a foot switch.

The pedal goes to mute, and the LED displays the closest note to the string played. Pitch deviation is shown with an innovative rotating speed indicator. The sturdy chassis of the unit will withstand the rigors of use on stage or in a studio. The pedal is solidly built and weighs enough to remain stable on stage with cables plugged in. Input and output jacks and the internal PC board all are heavy-duty, for further durability.

In short: the GFX-5 from ZOOM is built to last. Designed for long battery life. With a set of four IEC R6 (size AA) batteries, the unit can operate continuously for up to 10 hours.

This is great for live performances on stage, or on the street. For extended studio work or long rehearsals, an optional AC adaptor is available. ARRM stands for "Auto-Repeat Real-time Modulation" and is a super cool new feature you'll find no where else. Using eight types of waveforms, effect parameters can be modulated in real time. Synchronize operation with the built-in rhythm machine, or use the tap function to align the timing with a live drum. Automatically create rhythmical pedal WAH. Achieve an arming tremolo effect with high-speed pitch shifting. You can even use the expression pedal to adjust the modulation depth of the ARRM feature. The Variable Architecture Modeling System (VAMS) developed by ZOOM combines analog distortion circuitry with sophisticated digital signal processing.

The analog circuit uses not only silicone diodes found in almost all compact effects, but also Schottky diodes with threshold amplitude characteristics similar to vacuum tubes. The result is solid, natural-sounding distortion and ultra-fast response. Latency-which often is a problem in fully digital sound modeling devices-has been reduced to virtually zero. Digital filtering like that found in highly advanced DSP applications gives the dedicated guitarist exactly the sound they want.

ZNR - ZOOM Noise Reduction. ZNR is a sophisticated noise reduction technology developed by ZOOM.

ZNR eliminates the noise that was unavoidable in the past with high-gain distortion effects. ZOOM's D-GATE noise gate is also provided. Together with the FUZZ effect, this creates a true vintage sound. 10 hours (with alkaline batteries) Dimensions: 390(W) x 220(D) x 75(H) mm Weight: 2.8kg (without batteries).

Where a power supply is listed in the "What's included" section, please note that it is UK 3-Pin 220v-240v unless stated otherwise. The power supply may not be the manufactures original but a suitable replacement. You will receive only what is listed in the "What's Included" section.

Please see the "What's Included" section for cosmetic condition of equipment. We prefer to under-estimate the cosmetic condition of all our equipment so as not to disappoint.

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  1. To Fit Guitar: Electric Guitar
  2. Model: GFX-5
  3. To Fit: Electric Guitar
  4. MPN: GFX-5
  5. Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan
  6. Brand: Zoom

Zoom Gfx-5 Guitar Multi Effect Pedal Inbuilt Drum Machine & Looper G3xn G5 G5n    Zoom Gfx-5 Guitar Multi Effect Pedal Inbuilt Drum Machine & Looper G3xn G5 G5n